Trey & Morgan’s Band Names

Eric Andre has a website dedicated to amazing, hilarious, and absurd band names that he comes up with. One day my sister and I were sitting around playing Guitar Hero and just we just randomly started coming up with band names of our own. After we quickly realized how fun it was, we started to write them down. So in honor of how funny Eric Andre and my sister are, here is the list we came up with. I hope you like them and if you don’t, please write me a 5-paragraph essay explaining which ones and why in the comments. Watch the Eric Andrew Show. Check ’em out


Curren$y’s 12 Tapes in 12 Months – Hardest Worker in Hip-Hop

Full Disclosure: I’m a fucking huge Curren$y fan and have followed his career for about the last decade. But I’m trying really hard to look at this as objectively as possible. Be prepared for possible failure.

Very often, I have conversations with my friends about what artists and albums we’ve been listening to lately. My response is usually a mix of old and new rap, old and new death metal, and a handful of random artists (as of late it’s been The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein, thanks for asking). But around 50% of the time that the topic comes up, I drop Curren$y’s name. This is due in part to the fact that I’m always revisiting previous projects (Covert Coupe and Pilot Talk 3 have rarely ever left my rotation since their release), and also because he is constantly dropping new music.

And over the course of 2016 he dropped 12 full mixtape projects at exactly 1 per month, for the entire year…  Read more about this madness

My album review of Freddie Gibbs X Madlib – Piñata

I love rap music. I also love writing. Since I lack the necessary talent to be able to combine these two things in the best way possible, or in other words become a rapper, I do the next best thing – write about rap. Or at least, I’m beginning to. Last week I wrote my very first album review and I was lucky enough to have it be for the newest release of my favorite rapper, Freddie Gibbs. I was very excited to write the piece and owe thanks to The Badger Herald for publishing it on the Artsetc. portion of their site. It was a fun, yet slightly intimidating and I’m hoping to continue doing this more in the future. Here is a link to the review.

Here are also my two favorite songs from the album.

Names for pistols

Jean Claude Van Blam.
Terrell Sluggs.
Luger Vandross.
Final Boss.
Nine Millimeter Peter.
Freddy Ruger.
Black Nasty.
Our Lady of Piece.
Exclamation Point.
Montell Black.
Rick Ross’s Appetite (can only be used for a very large gun)
3rd World Moral Compass.


This is mad old but I wanted to keep it up here because why not?

Everyone loves Beyoncé. The overwhelming majority of women want to BE Beyoncé, or at least have some (most) of her qualities. Beyoncé is the physical embodiment of the PERFECT woman. She is to all women worldwide what Barbie (the doll) was to young (white American) girls in the 90’s, something they fantasize longingly to be. Strong, motivated, sexy, independent, humble, beautiful, inspiring, and with just the perfect amount of sass (Beyonce would be liable to slap you if ever you called her a Barbie). She is who women want to be and who men want to be with. Get a little bit more Lemonade