Trey & Morgan’s Band Names

Eric Andre has a website dedicated to amazing, hilarious, and absurd band names that he comes up with. One day my sister and I were sitting around playing Guitar Hero and just we just randomly started coming up with band names of our own. After we quickly realized how fun it was, we started to write them down. So in honor of how funny Eric Andre and my sister are, here is the list we came up with. I hope you like them and if you don’t, please write me a 5-paragraph essay explaining which ones and why in the comments. Watch the Eric Andrew Show.

It’s Thirteen O’Clock Nowhere
Porn Towel
The Trailer Babies
Friendly Cyclops
Pissy Elliot
The Genghis Khan Experience
Cornfed Nelly
Freight Slut
24 Karat Shit
Fort Whackonsin
Coco Butter Boyz
Koala Kontracaption
Baby Hands
Synthetic Birth
Born Again Slut
Dragon Glass Eye
Your Bun’s Nice
Meat Police
Blatant Subtlety
Off the Beaten Ass
Painted Clouds
Wipe My Bleep
Llama Drama
Corned Beef Rash
Another Birdman Verse
Leave Me Stallone
The Slutty Giraffes
Pour My Porridge
Harry J. Blidge
Vodka Veils
The Blind Chauffeurs
Put That Down, DJ Khaled!
EDM Granny
Stealing Dan
Carbonated Poison
The Gay Ghost of John Travolta
Necessary Bullet
Whiskey Coffin
Surgeon’s General Goring
The Dirty Chandeliers
Jerry’s Juxtaposition Justification Ceremony
Tuesday Afternoon Warriors
Bosom Baby
Roxie Farts
A Thousand N Words
Depressed Couches
The Human Dab
A Lover’s Duel
The Grim Reaper’s Joint Pain
Teenage Stepdad
Who Wants Some Fuck?
Bipolar Bebop Bros
The Fart Premonitions
Rap Music
Donald Trump’s Invisible Neck Beard
Caffeinated Sleeping Pills
Mayonnaise Volcano
Walter White’s Black Girlfriend
Septic Apotheosis
A Granny’s Granny
About Face Sitting, Soldier
A Fight in a GNC Parking Lot
The Wet Sticky Notes
The Napoleon Dynamite Complex
Big Juju & the Voodoo Dolls
Dark Matter Matters
Re-Circumcision Party
Shane, the Spiciest of Boys
Suicide Astronomer
Baja Men II (aka We Let The Dogs Out)
Slay Me, Zaddy


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