This is mad old but I wanted to keep it up here because why not?

Everyone loves Beyoncé. The overwhelming majority of women want to BE Beyoncé, or at least have some (most) of her qualities. Beyoncé is the physical embodiment of the PERFECT woman. She is to all women worldwide what Barbie (the doll) was to young (white American) girls in the 90’s, something they fantasize longingly to be. Strong, motivated, sexy, independent, humble, beautiful, inspiring, and with just the perfect amount of sass (Beyonce would be liable to slap you if ever you called her a Barbie). She is who women want to be and who men want to be with.

But reaching a Beyoncé level of living seems like an impossible goal for some women out there. Some women are not as motivated, talented, ambitious, drop dead gorgeous, or humble as Beyoncé. Some women feel that they will never be on par with Beyoncé because she sets such an impossible standard to reach. And they’re right.

Beyoncé cannot be emulated becuase Beyoncé might as well not even be a real person. We live in a day and age where, in a first and even some second world countries, it’s almost impossible to go more than an hour without seeing a beautiful and incredibly fit woman advertising something or showing off her assets in one way or another for some sort of capital gain. And more and more people are beginning to say that it’s these sort of images being placed all over the mediasphere that lead to women trying desperately to reach/conform to a standard of beauty that is just impossible for some. Beyoncé’s image is one that is used constantly to further this new age standard of beauty. But she doesn’t just inadvertently advance this popular form SHE DEFINES IT, and NOT ONLY THAT BUT THE STANDARD FOR WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GOOD WOMAN TOO.

Statistically speaking, the majority of women in this world today will not make hundreds of millions of dollars off of their pure talent alone nor is it all likely that they will marry a man whose net worth is more than that of many countries on this planet. But LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE FEMALE has the potential to become their own Beyoncé using their natural talents, abilities, and sensibilities.

ALL women can greatly succeed at whatever career path they choose and while they may not make millions, they can still gain personal success and pleasure from what they’re doing; that’s all anyone can ask for and that’s the definition of being successful in my book (money doesn’t hurt though). ALL women can have sex appeal and be a sexual animal just as Beyoncé is. One doesn’t have to have Beyoncé’s dimensions to FEEL like her when they strut out in that “Fuck Em’ Dress” with a hand on their hip, heels on their feet, and their head to the sky; reach Beyoncé levels of sexy on their OWN terms and no one else’s cuz fuck em’, right? ALL women have the ability to look past all the material and superficial bullshit shoved down their throats by other people, both in their circle and out, day in and day out to be able to see the big picture with clear eyes and a full heart. ALL women have the ability to see the things they truly care about and are thankful for and see the person that THEY want to be, not the person that society tells them they SHOULD be.

ALL women can find their own unique version Jay-Z, an intelligent, diligent, loyal, and supportive man that will hold them down no matter what. But it’s incredibly important to remember that Beyoncé didn’t find, nor was she at all worried about finding, Jay-Z until she BECAME Beyoncé. She put herself and her goals above everything else and everything else followed in suit. ALL women can find their inner Beyoncé then have everything else in their life that they care about follow suit – the suit of success (and I’ll be goddamned if that isn’t a slick getup).

No woman will ever be Beyoncé, everyone knows this. And this is because Beyoncé is not a human being like the rest of us, but an alien that was engineered to be the PERFECT woman on a distant planet and was delivered here, everyone knows this. But ALL women can be their special and individualized version of Beyoncé. ALL women no matter what the physical features, personalities types, or emotional tendencies, can achieve Beyoncéness all it takes is work. It will surely not come easy but the potential is in everyone and the work can be done with patience and perseverance. ALL women can be their own Beyoncé and when they discover their inner Bey’, the world is at their pretty little fingertips.

I love you all, ladies.



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