Nostalgia and a little bit of narcissism via the Daily Cardinal

The following is an article that I wrote which got published in the Daily Cardinal in October 2012 about how much I love Odd Future. It’s pretty old but I decided to post it here because it is still my favorite piece of writing that I’ve done and I like to read it from time to time.  Continue reading


Names for pistols

Jean Claude Van Blam.
Terrell Sluggs.
Luger Vandross.
Final Boss.
Nine Millimeter Peter.
Freddy Ruger.
Black Nasty.
Our Lady of Piece.
Exclamation Point.
Montell Black.
Rick Ross’s Appetite (can only be used for a very large gun)
3rd World Moral Compass.


This is mad old but I wanted to keep it up here because why not?

Everyone loves Beyoncé. The overwhelming majority of women want to BE Beyoncé, or at least have some (most) of her qualities. Beyoncé is the physical embodiment of the PERFECT woman. She is to all women worldwide what Barbie (the doll) was to young (white American) girls in the 90’s, something they fantasize longingly to be. Strong, motivated, sexy, independent, humble, beautiful, inspiring, and with just the perfect amount of sass (Beyonce would be liable to slap you if ever you called her a Barbie). She is who women want to be and who men want to be with. Get a little bit more Lemonade